Dining for Dollars

Dining for Dollars and Team Tuesday's

Call Shannon Plummer for more details at 919-291-5921 to get your group on the calendar!
When you sign up, we will make flyers for advertisements and post it on Facebook. You can then share the event with everyone you know to get as many people to Al's from 5pm - 9pm. We give you 10% back on all the sales that night! This applies to eating in, drive-through orders, and even call ins! It's simple! Just eat at Al's on that evening.

There is no overhead or cost for you, we will do the work. This is a great way for people to meet each other and introduce your cause or group. You are welcome to bring promotional stuff on your night to sell shirts, hats, or just bring posters or handouts to inform the customers on your non-profit group. You can even put a donation containers on the tables to collect.

Statistics shows, that about 50% of US players want to be positive that if they join an online casino real money, they would receive their payments.


We also do TEAM TUESDAY'S for recreational sports, school teams, or travel teams. We even sign up for Relay for Life teams! This is the same concept as Dining for Dollars, but just on a different night!

Just remember to call Shannon Plummer for more details at, 919-291-5921.

Dining For Dollars Flyer